Tryptich ( acrylics on canvas 3 x 40x40cm),  

part of the 'We Are Made Of Paper' collection.

"We are made of paper

fragile figures 

standing together

But when it rains too hard

we fall apart

Now my head is heavy and my arms are loose 

my  legs lame

I feel as though all my parts are badly stuck together...."

short piece out of the love poems  for  'We Are Made Of Paper'

"Runaway Queen" (acrylics on canvas, 80x100 cm), "Color Me In White" (acrylics on canvas, 60x60cm), "Shining " (Acrylics on canvas, 80x80cm)

 part of the 'Letters in Color' collection

Mijn glazen paleis

is niet meer

dan duizend scherven schitterend in zonlicht.

voor het eerst fluistert

warme wind tegen mijn huid 

en voel ik jouw 

natte kus op mijn gezicht.

 'Mijn glazen paleis' uit de reeks 'True Life Stories'

'A Sweet Fragrance In The Night' (oils on canvas, 70x70cm), 'Look at Me' (acrylics on paper, miniature), 'Dance with Sunrise' (oils on canvas, 1 of 4x 20x20cm)

Part of the 'Elegant Power' collection.

"It's not about your looks, even not about the impact you have,

it's about the way you move..."